A series of portraits capturing women in a moment of positive mental health practice

In this modern-day, it is becoming extremely evident that regular, positive mental health practices are a key component to living a happy life. It is time to acknowledge that mental health is equally as important as physical health. 

These portraits are of friends of the artist who personally understand the importance of regular positive mental health practices, incorporate them regularly into their lifestyle & promote them to others.


To #changeyourmind is to make a choice to love yourself unconditionally. To create happiness from within & to realise that to rely on the joy that comes only from external sources, is to lose control of your own journey. We are all worthy of happiness.

LOOK CLOSER...These are not prints but hand-cut paper images and dried & pressed flowers & leaves set in resin. Single Edition only.


© AbbeyKayte 2016


Available for purchase A1 Hand cut paper on leather