Tena Koe

Ko Abbey toku ingoa.

Ko Kati Mamoe Hapu me Kai Tahu oku iwi.


A life long appreciation and fascination with art runs deeply for me. Since stepping away from a career in winemaking & brewing, I have centered my focus around developing my own individual artistic style since 2016.

It was street art that first captured my attention, stirring the creative passion inside of me. I began to develop my own artistic skills in stencil cutting. I was initially working with paper & leather, I then began to create contemporary portrait style pieces.

I now work with several different medium and am currently embarking on my second year of a tertiary Diploma in Maori & Indigenous Arts from Te Wānanga O Aotearoa.

As part of my personal journey of reconnection to my whānau of Kai Tahu heritage, I am also exploring my taha Maori.


Take a look at the interview that I participated in as part of the NZ based organisation, Whānau Ora initiative.

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