Tena Koe

Ko Abbey toku ingoa.

Ko Kati Mamoe Hapu me Kai Tahu oku iwi.


A life long appreciation and fascination with art runs deeply for AK.

Since stepping away from a career in wine making & brewing, she has focused on developing her unique artistic style and combining vision and emotion with physical creation.

Through exploring new places and cultures, stencil art and the now very popular types of street or graffiti art continued to engage her. It is this fascination that led AK to develop her own skills in stencil cutting. Initially working with paper & leather as well as experimenting with other textiles, AK continued to develop her style and over time, discovered the idea of using the leather to back the paper stencil and give the picture colour, texture and depth.

Furthering her journey, she is now exploring her own personal roots back home . Take a look at the interview below she participated in as a recent partnership with NZ based organisation Whanau Ora:




Following demand from the local community, and then wider audiences, AK released a small collection of larger pieces that reflected her as an artist. These pieces were successfully sold at the annual Christchurch and Nelson art shows as well as at some smaller galleries across New Zealand in 2016.


She has since developed a following across the globe after exhibitions in Sweden and the UK as she continues to seek inspiration, connection and experiences that flow through into her pieces, and is excited to be constantly developing work that reflects her journey through life.

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